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mykensho knowledgebase

The mykensho™ knowledgebase showcases extensive research based insights on careers, educational options, industries, and job markets to students, parents and teachers to expose them to a multitude of possibilities and also enable them with proprietary tools and technologies to make informed decisions.


Illustration of Lifestreams™


The key feature of the mykensho™ knowledgebase is an array of illustrations on 14 Lifestreams™.  A Lifestream™ is the way through which one works and lives the kind of life one wants to. We always follow a pursuit to work and live in a way which helps us to realize our values and finally helps us to self-actualize. Self-actualization is realizing one’s true potentials, the pursuit of which keeps our flame alive, beyond instant gratification, monetary gain, belongingness and recognition.     


Exposing a young person to the concept of Lifestream™ early in the process of development of career education can be liberating. It helps overcome peer and societal pressures and being confined to a career that may not be not aligned with the individual's archetype -  including beliefs, thoughts, actions, fears, traits, talents, virtues, motivations, needs and preferences.  People are happy and perform well, only when they enjoy and believe in what they do. 


Extensive occupational, educational and industry information


The first release of mykensho™ knowledgebase also features information and insights on more than 95 occupational pathways, 300 career options, 400 universities and educational institutions in India and abroad, and more than 30 industries as well as major businesses within the industries.


The principal aspect about the mykensho™ knowledgebase is that it is dynamically evolving and captures the latest happenings in the world of business, economy and education continuously, analyses its future impacts on one’s career and life, and then presents the insights in way in which today’s youth seek and consume information.


Tools and technologies


The mykensho™ knowledgebase not only contains a vast array of information, but importantly provides the appropriate tools and technologies to find the most relevant information efficiently, and develop an accurate insight. The soon to be released mykensho career simulator™ and mykensho career progression roadmap™ tools will give an unprecedented opportunity to Indian youth to develop relevant career, educational and industry knowledge required to take the right decision at the right time, throughout their work life, thereby helping them to realize their true potentials.


The future releases of the mykensho™ knowledgebase will bring about more intelligent, intuitive and immersive tools and technologies which present new methods of finding credible information and building personalised insights and unique wisdom.


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