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What are the key life skills?
Why are they important?

While academic learning continues at home, the study-work-life changing experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic also provide an opportunity to learn critical life skills, values, attributes and attitude to thrive in a volatile environment. 


It is imperative for young people to know how to manage crises and budgets, effectively communicate, adapt to change, creatively solve complex problems, make decisions, be compassionate, mindful, patient, optimistic, responsible, resilient and a digitally literate life long learner.   


Students must also learn about themselves, become aware of community needs, understand how their family, society, occupations and jobs are impacted by the pandemic, technology, environmental and political changes, focus on positivity and purpose, embrace the new normal and reimagine their future.

To achieve this, we offer a series of age-appropriate, stimulating hands-on activities, balanced with some online tools.

They are designed to inspire students to think, reflect, collaborate, be cognisant of the skills, attributes, values they are developing, explore what they can do with their inherent potential now, find their place in this world, create and present artefacts to express themselves, share their reflections, showcase their learning outcomes and demonstrate their self and career management competencies.

Our blended model can be used by families using what's available at home. This ensures that even students with limited access to a mobile device with data can benefit.  No child is left behind.

How can these skills be
developed at home?

Project based experiential learning at home for students from grades 5-12  

Ready to use interactive tools for guided self-directed learning, reflection and self-assessment, mapped to life skills curriculum.

Reduced screen time. Fun, practical projects.

Meaningful conversations with family members and school community.

Showcase of school innovation, student achievement on social media platforms.

Benefits all stakeholders in the school ecosystem
Here's what you get

Live Mentoring

30 minutes personalised coaching sessions for class teachers and middle/high school co-ordinators. 

Online Tools

Engage students with inspiring content aligned to the project themes as well as simple tools for self assessment, sharing feedback and recording learning outcomes.

Video Tutorials

Augment or supplement facilitated sessions with instructional videos on the home learning projects.

Motivate students with real world case studies.

Themed Projects

  • Discovering the Superhero in me, my community

  • Embracing the new normal and recreating my life journey

  • Designing my Family Career Tree and my Ideal Life

  • Reinventing myself and  reimagining my future

The mykensho team in India offers customised support to every school based on their existing teaching-learning framework, and technology used to engage with students and parents. It's not a one size fits all approach. Please reach out to us for details.

#We are all in this together   #What doesn't break you makes you stronger


This offer is valid upto 31 December 2020, only for schools in India.   This offer is not available to individual students and parents. 

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